It’s been 5 months since our wedding and we don’t have our album yet I’m starting to get concerned. Dan has rang our photographer twice this week and he hasn’t answered his mobile or called him back. Which is pretty crappy as he’s also a friend of ours (we met before we got engaged through our best man, Dan’s best friend).

I Facebooked him the other day about something I saw on Tumblr I thought he would like and he messaged me back asking when I was free that week and when I said when I was he didn’t reply and that was a week ago now :\

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Chris Colfer on Hot in Cleveland

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Full Episode of Hot in Cleveland guest starring Chris Colfer (Aired July 24, 2014).

Video is flipped so it won’t be taken down as quickly. For higher quality download links check this post.

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Photos of Darren 43 of ?

Photos of Darren 43 of ?

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  • friend: i watched an episode of the thing you like
  • me: oh god
  • me: i am about to tell you literally everything about the thing
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people on tumblr who call me by my name are my favorites

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bold what you prefer.

harry or ron or hermione

voldemort or umbridge or bellatrix

james or sirius or remus or peter

mcgonagall or dumbledore or hagrid

dobby or kreacher or winky

luna or ginny or cho

hedwig or errol or pigwidgeon or hermes

quaffle or bludger or snitch

gryffindor or ravenclaw or slytherin or hufflepuff

hallows or horcruxes

hogwarts or beauxbatons or durmstrang

elder wand or invisibility cloak or resurrection stone

O.W.L.s or N.E.W.T.s

quirrell or lockhart or lupin or moody or umbridge or snape or carrow

crabbe or goyle

book 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 or 6 or 7

fred or george

romione or dramione or snamione or harmony or other

owl or cat or toad

draco or harry

felix felicis or amortentia or polyjuice potion

krum or fleur or cedric

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1.05 // 10.12

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