Fic: Together We Stand


Summary: In a world where any two humans can have children together, Blaine’s cravings and moodiness and weight gain are symptoms of something a lot more serious than the freshman fifteen… and he’s terrified. Basically a rewrite of the episode “Tested” with mpreg!Blaine.

He’s been ignoring the symptoms for nearly two months now.

The annoying moodiness that Kurt called him out on nearly six weeks ago hasn’t gone away. His emotions aren’t the only weird thing; Blaine can’t get through a single day without taking a nap after class, he needs to pee five times an hour, and his palate has… expanded. Which is Blaine’s personal term for the reality that he can’t walk past a restaurant these days without simultaneously smelling and wanting to eat everything on the menu.

He’s not nauseous at all and Blaine holds it up as a feeble hope that what’s happening to him isn’t what he thinks it is because Kurt barely took him back, barely agreed to marry him, and couldn’t even stand living with him and Blaine has no idea what this new stress would do to them… or to him.

But that hope is fading as Blaine thrashes on his bed, trying desperately to get his pants to button. 

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fic where steve is having his morning run but sam is nowhere in sight so he just has to run on his own with no one to tease about how slow they are but then suddenly nyoooom “ON YOUR RIGHT” sam screams as he passes flying by and puSHES STEVE INTO THE FOUNTAIN

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sex isn’t the be all end all



babe u buyin this



sam we’ve shared living space


i’m pretty sure you know how we feel about sex

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X omg X Klaine

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"i’m not bitter" i say, bitterly, with a bitter expression

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Absolute favourite characters:
Kevin Price (The book of mormon)

"Something incredible, I’ll do something incredible!"
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Some more Kurt S05E16 doodles~ 

This is lovely!



Some more Kurt S05E16 doodles~ 

This is lovely!

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